12 December 2009

What I Loved: 2009

What I loved in 2009

Reviewers: you either love us a little bit too much or we’re ignorant, bitchy wannabes who wouldn’t know art if it bit us on the bum and left a nice pattern. (Which may be true.)

This year I’ve been told I’m too nice, I’m too nasty, I write too much and I don’t write enough. So a perfect review is not too much, not too little, not too sweet and not too bitter? Sounds kind of bland, Goldilocks.

Opinion is merely that, an opinion. I don’t know anyone who writes about theatre who doesn’t love it to their very core and I’ve yet to meet anyone who has the exact same taste as me.

So, please don't trust what mere reviewers or bloggers say – get out there and make up your own mind. Just keep seeing live art. See the stuff you’ve read about, the stuff you’ve never heard about, the shows people rave about and the ones they hate. You’re not going to like it all, and you’ll disagree with what other people think, but every once in a while you’ll be left breathless or in tears or laugh so much it hurts as you’ll wonder how these glorious artists knew exactly how you felt and put it on a stage.

These are some of the wonderful and totally awesome artists who blew me away this year.

Outstanding Artists 2009

Jackie Smith for The Flood
Lally Katz for The Apocalypse Bear Trilogy
Sarah Collins and Justin Kennedy for Donna and Damo

Shirley Cattunar, Caroline Lee and Maude Davey in The Flood
Ash Flanders in I Love You Bro

Finucane & Smith for The Flood, Salon de Dance, The Feast Of Argentina Gina Catalina, and Burlesque Hour Legends.

Outstanding Productions 2009

Dead Men Tell a Thousand Tales – Mikelangelo and The Black Sea Gentlemen
The Last Tuesday Society Richard Higgins, Bron Battern and everyone else

Avenue Q

When the Rain Stops Falling – MTC and Brink Productions

The Oracle - Malthouse Theatre and the Sydney Opera House

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday – Justin Hamilton and Hannah Norris

The Best of the Best

The Boy with Tape on his Face –  Sam Wills
Exit –  Ghostboy with Golden Virtues
Le Salon – Peeping Tom

My favourite of 2009

Floating - Hugh Hughs

The 2008 winners.

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