05 December 2009

Review: Spontaneous Broadway

Spontaneous Broadway
2 December 2009
Comedy Theatre

If you hate musical theatre, see Spontaneous Broadway. If you love musical theatre, see Spontaneous Broadway. If you’re indifferent to musical theatre, see Spontaneous Broadway. Just see Spontaneous Broadway. It could be the most fun night you spend in a theatre.

Spontaneous Broadway is improvised musical theatre, with a selection of songs (the audience suggest the titles) and a full performance of the musical chosen by clapometer.

Tonight’s finalists were Another Life Out There, the story of flamboyant Gareth, whose dreams of theatre fame were crushed by Daisy the cow in a milking accident, and his geek brother Graeme, who will always have a spot for his bro on the family farm. Their moving duet ‘Ballarat Beats Broadway’ was a mere whoop and a foot stamp away from winning. But a couple of squeals and some understandable passion to see Julia Zemiro playing a sexed-up young lady left I do, I think as the night’s choice. And the story of Flossy Moss, her posh mum and her faux vegetarian boyfriend will long be remembered for the sleeper hit ‘But he’s a Hari Krishna’ and because Julia can make herself look naked in full stage blacks.

John Thorn and Russell Fletcher brought this San Francisco hit formula down under and were joined by the perfectly perfect cast of Zemiro, Genevieve Morris, Geoff Paine and Ross Daniels. How many performers have nightmares about going on stage and not knowing their lines? These people don’t know their lines until they say them – and they have to sing them! If you like to see improvisers fail, you will be disappointed, because they are so brilliant, it’s hard to believe it’s not scripted.

I’m on my third annual visit and I’ll be back as soon as I can. Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival are next on the circuit. Book your tickets as soon as you can – and if you don’t crack a rib laughing, check that you’re not dead.

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