12 October 2010

...but I live in Adelaide!

If you're in Adelaide at the moment and feeling a bit jealous of Melbourne's abundance of arts festivals...

Well, you know yours are bigger...

AND Micky D (whose observational humour and poo jokes make snot come out of me) has decided that he wants to make Adelaide as hip as New York or London. Well, at least on Wednesday nights

Micky D moved back to Adelaide for love (or possibly the Coopers on tap), so he's making sure that comedians get a fair go in the town that too many people laugh at. 

Project Wednesday: Codename Rhino isn't your average open mic night.

Mickey says, "Think Fight Club for comedians. Minus the first rule...and the fighting." 

If you want to give stand up a go, practice your material or just get more time on a stage, get to the Rhino Room on Wednesday nights.

Everyone is welcome but you have to bring 3 paying guests and follow some rules.

1. 7.30 sign up
2. No favourtism
3. Respect rules one and two.
4. 5 to 7 minutes MAX. 5 min lights flash,  6 mins bell , 7 and a half mins = lights down.
5. Have fun.

Audiences...be  prepared for anything.

Mickey D is the supportive host and start time is 8 pm each Wednesday.

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