02 October 2010

Review: Words They Make With Their Mouths-

Words They Make With Their Mouths
Bambina Borracha Productions
1 October 2010
Son of Loft, Fringe Hub
to 9 October

Tim Spencer has the most beautiful smile, but there's a lot more to his solo show, Words They Make With Their Mouths.

After a terrific reception at the Adelaide Fringe, Spencer (writer and performer) brings Melbourne his delicate and beautifully observed account of a group of 20-somethings out on a Saturday night in inner-south Sydney.

This isn't a plot based story with compelling twists and turns, but a study of the characters and place. Each ones begins by simply turning the corner and walking down the street. Linked by their universal search for love, he lets us watch these people without passing any judgement. With such an authentic voice, it's as fascinating watching strangers but we get to hear what they are saying and thinking.

Playing every part, Spencer, gently directed by Jessica Tuckwell, tells us about their average Saturday night. There's people like Elise who tasted like lipsmaker and Midori, a young man (Lewis?) who loves having a 30-something couple snort coke off his chest because it makes him feel like he's in the movies, Charlotte who hates that her boyfriend didn't hold her hair back when she puked, and Nick who treats Stacey's pussy like the door to Narnia.

At first it's difficult to understand that Spencer is the teller and no specific character himself, but you know that now, so will be able to enjoy it without your brain asking annoying questions.

Words They Make With Their Mouths runs for another week and these gen-Ys deserve love from audiences.

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