11 October 2010


MIAF shows are already dividing audiences. Isn't this great?

I love that I can sit in the same theatre with other people and we all see completely different shows.

And I love that I can read what other people think not long after we emerge from the phone dead-zone of the Arts Centre or when people like me remember to turn their phones back on.

Three weeks ago, I was a Twitter virgin. And now...well you know the analogy.

I've even leant how to use # tags. #melbfest is of course my favourite this week.


PS. If I ever read a tweet that was sent during a show, I'll be leading the posse that finds you and flushes your precious iPhone (cos it would be someone with an iPhone) down the nearest loo. 

PPS. I don't have an iPhone and my snarky comment about iPhone users is based on a severe case of iPhone envy.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I thought it was just because I'm with 3 Mobile... So ALL phones go dead once you take the escalator down to the box office? Good.