22 June 2011

Last Chance THIS WEEK

How dare I complain that I don't have time to review because I'm out seeing great shows!  These two finish this week and are well worth missing an episode of Masterchef for.

As is everything from last week's don't miss list.

Negative Energy Inc
Ash Flanders
19 June 2011
Hares & Hyenas Cafe Bookshop
LAST SHOW this Sunday,  26 June

Ash Flanders asked me not to review his first solo show because it was his first solo show, but he should know by now that you don't always get what you ask for in this "industry".

Why, why, why, why, why hasn't anyone useful discovered Ash?

I'm not asking this, he is. (I've already discovered him and written things about him that his mum likes to read.)

The full review appears on AussieTheatre.com and will be published here in a day or two.

The Subconscious Cometh
Baggage Productions
21 June 2011
Trades Hall
to 25 June

One of my biggest fears is finding out what my subconscious is really up to and Baggage Productions have a whole night of short plays and monologues that bring these fears (and some bonus phobias) to gorgeous, thought-provoking life.

Bridgette Burton and Christina Costigan formed Baggage in 2000 because they were sick of there not being enough decent roles from women. This is still one of the most ridiculous ironies about thearte and performance and thank the goddesses that companies like this address it.

The full review appears on AussieTheatre.com and will be published here in a day or two.


The this week's Melbourne legend at The Burlesque Hour LOVES Melbourne is my 80s rock hero Deborah Conway.

Catwalk seats are already sold out, but the view further back is just as shocking!


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