13 June 2011

Rob or Lally?

And even more SM favourites are opening this week.

thearte in decay's Robert Reid has assured SM that he hasn't written a "it's so hard being wealthy and middle classes" play for his main stage MTC debut. (However, I'd love to see the reaction of his friends if he did...)

With Aidan Fennessy directing, and Peter Houghton and Louise Siversen in the cast, The Joy of Text promises to balance out the blandness of any other MTC shows.

And, down the road, Malthouse are opening Lally Katz's new work, A Golem Story, on the same night.

Our two funded companies are opening new works by popular and loved independent Melbourne writers on the SAME NIGHT!

I know I'm not the only person who wants to be at both and support both amazing writers.

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