12 June 2011

Negative Energy for the Queens' long weekend

Negative Energy Inc
Ash Flanders, angry homosexulist
Declan Greene, award-winning playwright

SM favourite (yes, reviewers are allowed to have favourites) Ash Flanders is devoting June to ranting.

There will be no review*, as I don't want to be responsible for any defamation case brought against any star of Dracula's theatre restaurant. Not that you need my approval to see anything.

But it's a good bet that this Sisters Grimm founder and the star of I Love You 'Bro will offend everyone who comes along.
"Watch what happens when a chronic narcissist with a deluded sense of talent attempts to take the stage. Ash will hold you hostage – not with great storytelling, wit or charisma – but by simply locking the doors!"
Details here.

And, as June is Sisters Grimm solo month, don't forget that co-founder (and equal favourite) Declan Greene's Moth is having a return season at the Matlhouse from 15 to 25 June. 

It sold out last year, so book now so you don't miss one of those shows that people were talking about in a good way!

* That was a lie

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