24 February 2013

Apologies and White Night

I haven't fallen off a cliff, it just feels like it.

Grovelly apologies to the shows I've seen in the last week or so and not reviewed. They've all been wonderful and deserve oodles of praise that I haven't been able to turn into words.

There are stories of colonies of artists and friends who live in amazing old buildings around St Kilda where all the neighbours like each other and feed each other's cats. I've been lucky enough to have made my 10-year Melbourne home in one of these amazing places, but my whole block was evicted last week. Apparently long-term tenants (15, 10, 9 and 8 years) isn't as good as renovating.

The critical writing part of my brain has seeped out with the tears, but I'm hoping to find it soon, along with a two-bedroom (or one with study) flat near the beach and public transport.

In the meantime:

Constellations at the MTC is the best thing I've seen from the MTC. Can't rave enough.

4000 Miles at Red Stitch is lovely and really worth seeing.

Tubular Bells was only on at the Melbourne Recital Centre for one night and I loved it to retro pieces.

Love Me Tender at Theatre Work is beautiful. Tom Holloway's writing is like music.

And, if you haven't been into Melbourne the city yet tonight, head in now for White Night, the all night arts event that has surpassed all expectations.

I walked through at 9.30 and have never seen so many people in the city. It was amazing and if I didn't have a bloody 9 am start tomorrow, I'd be there until the 7am finish.

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