12 February 2013

Mini review: Not a very good story

not a very good story
La Mama
10 February 2013
La Mama
to 10 February

Not a very good story IS a very good story with a very good title for an exceptionally good show. I didn't see it until the last night, but there's talk of new seasons and tours.

Written and performed by May Jasper, awkward Stephanie isn't immediately likeable, but works though her self-consciousness to tell us what happened when she was working the late shift at a call centre and what she did to try to save the people who gave her a grasp at hope and happiness.

She doesn't lay blame or completely understand why things went so wrong, but Jasper's beautiful writing lets the audience see the bigger picture and feel the extra anger and pain that we hope Stephanie can't.  The gently-paced script reveals its secrets only when it has to and its poignant ending is placed so delicately that it feels like it might shatter at the final applause.

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