19 April 2013

Quick MICF: The Hedgehog Dilemma

Felicity Ward: The Hedgehog Dilemma
Laughing Stock Productions
16 April 2013
one show only

I saw The Hedgehog Dilemma because people I trusted kept telling me to see it. I'd seen Felicity Ward do bits of stand up here and there, but I wasn't convinced about seeing a whole show. Bloody lucky for me that I trust other opinions, otherwise I may have missed one of the sweetest, most honest and I'm-laughing-so-much-because-I've-done-it-myself shows: I loved it.

This one-off was the last time Felicity performed this show in Australia and this ensured her biggest live audience to date in the packed Athaneum  Theatre (all three levels). Some may have even turned up knowing it was being filmed for a DVD.

So instead of encouraging you to see her show, keep an eye out for the DVD (and check out the front row) and buy it for yourself and everyone you know who had a horror break up (or two) in their 20s, went back to live with their parents as a grown up, has sat through therapy with an annoying therapist, or told jokes that they regretted.

I'm forever amazed at stand ups who open their hearts and souls to their audiences, but it's these ones who we love and go back to. If all you're doing is telling jokes, you'll never be a great stand up. I'll be at Felicity's next show, and will buy that DVD.

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