19 April 2013

Quick MICF: Inside

Frank Woodley and Simon Yates: Inside
Token Events
2 April 2013
The Famous Spiegeltent at Arts Centre Melbourne
to 21 April

I can't decide if Inside is a work of comic genius or the kind self indulgence that needs a tissue at the end.

Either way, it works.

If you're expecting bumbly sweet Frank Woodley, he's gone. New Frank is joined by circus performer Simon Yates, who, as brothers Viktor and Vissilli, are locked in a prison in somewhere like eastern Europe. With shaved heads, handlebar moustaches, scars, symbolic tats that we don't understand and questionable accents, we don't know what they've done to be there, but it's a pretty nasty place to be.

It's dark without being bleak with a humour that loves the grotesque, but often relies on moments of sweetness to get a laugh. Yates's physical skills complement Woodley's physicality and the two of them make an odd couple like no other.

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