18 April 2013

Quick MICF: Standard Double

Kate McLennan & Wes Snelling: Double Standard
2013 Moosehead Award recipient with the help of the Comedy Channel on Foxtel
3 April 2013
Blackburn Hotel
to 21 April

For a while there weren't any seats left for Double Standard because Kate McLennan and Wes Snelling fans know that it's too wrong to even consider missing them perform, but the great news is that they've added two extra performances: Friday 19 April at 10 pm and Saturday 20 April at 5 pm. If you don't book now, you'll have to see something else and miss the show that made me so want to have quick sex and a giant Toblerone in a swish room at the Blackman.

This show lets 20ish people into a top floor room at the Blackman Hotel on St Kilda Road. It's a very nice hotel. The beds are huge, there's Charles Blackman's art everywhere, a bar and a cafe with lots of scrummy cake. But that's the a bonus, as this show would be just as terrific in a dodgy freeway-side joint where you can't lie on the sheets because they are moving.

Double Standard is series of extended sketches about folk who are in the hotel. From staff to guests, there's more story and love than in most joke-based sketch, but not enough to be upset that there's only a few minutes of each character. Some are more memorable than other, but each confirm that Kate and Wes are two of the best comic writers and performers around, and it's guaranteed to make you giggle every time you see a glass table.

It finishes on Saturday, and remember there are now two extra shows.

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