27 June 2013

Mini review: Cranked Up

Cranked Up
Circus Oz
26 June 2013
The Big Top at Birrurung Marr
to 14 July

Yesterday was a day of backflips, juggling and falling to the ground. But the Circus Oz mob did it with class and humour and made sure that anyone falling was caught and given a big, safe and loving mat to fall on.

I watched the circus last night. The one I saw was a gazillion times better than the one playing out in Canberra.

Cranked Up doesn't feel as complete as last year's From the Ground Up, but it's impossible for Circus Oz to not be gloriously funny, original and simply awesome.

For 35 years, this company have been a bold and loud Australian voice when others have been scared to peep about equality, diversity and social justice. Circus Oz rock in every way possible from their live shows to community workshops and if you haven't seen them, what are you waiting for?

With FOH staff who welcome everyone and talk to you because they want to (I talked politics with intelligent fesity women while buying hot doughnuts: it doesn't get much better); a $10 program that you want to buy because it's fun, full of info you want to read, celebrates everyone who helps to make the show, designed by someone who cares and printed on recycled stock; and ushering staff who are as terrific as any one on stage, a night at the Big Top would be worth it without the great show.

Maybe if the Big Top planted itself on the lawns of Canberra's Parliament House, our representatives might remember that supporting equality, diversity, social justice and not letting anyone fall is the best way to win friends. And sharing hot doughnuts. Everything feels better with a bag of hot doughnuts.

Photos by Rob Blackburn.

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