15 June 2013

Mini review: Button

La Mama
13 June 2013
La Mama Courthouse
to 16 June

Someone (Cameron) gave this show the sort of review (bollocking) that ensured that I'd see it.

Button is as cute as a button, but if you don't think buttons are cute, you might not get it. And I'm not sure that I like women in their 50s described as harmlessly cute.

Performers Carole Patullo and Jane Bayly, and director/dramaturg Melanie Beddie have developed a piece about the frustrations of ageing and the negotiation of friendship, and it's clear from the love oozing off the stage that it's a work they loved making.

As a woman-of-a-certain age, I got it and happily laughed along. And as my Nanna had a button box that she let me play with (does anyone say "Lets play with the buttons" today?), I was swept along with the nostalgia.

But it's a bit preachy and sings the obvious instead of showing what it's like to have your body begin to betray you when your mind is finally in the right space and the oddness of realising you're socially invisible.

If you keep buttons, you'll love it. If not, it's not for you, so see something else.

It finishes on Sunday.

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