15 June 2013

Mini review: Distance

La Mama
13 June 2013
La Mama Theatre
to 16 June

Ellen and Andrew are no longer together, but are forced into the same room when their 15-year-old son is arrested for attacking another boy, leaving him nearly dead in hospital.

Daniel Nellor's script is full of grief and anger and guilt, as these two try to understand how they raised a violent son and try to not let their own relationship and personal pain dominate the arguments. It's a bit overwritten – the subtext is louder than the writer thinks – but it doesn't take away from its impact.

Director Chris Thompson guides striking performances from Margot Fenely and Kevin Hopkins; Fenely especially, as she lets us see the screaming turmoil that never leaves her head and feel the stabbing black pain in her heart.

I saw this show with a room full of teenagers. As a play about their parents, I expected a few eye rolls and whispers, but they were silent and glued to the stage. This says so much more than I ever could.

It finishes on Sunday.

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