12 April 2015

MICF: The Narelles

The Narelles
Token Events, Triple R
3 April 2015
Trades Hall, New Ballroom
to 19 April

Alan Brough & Casey Benetto

Alan Brough wasn't living in Australia in 1988, but he still formed a Melbourne garage band with Casey Benetto. The Narelles celebrate their 27th fictional year at Trades Hall in The Narelles.

If you went to any gig in the late 80s and the 90s, then the reunion gigs from the early 2000s, you've been to a Narelles gig.

Both on lead vocals, bass and guitar (with a stage shy drummer), they reminisce about the gigs, the albums and the times that their audience remember vividly, even if we weren't there.

It opens with a bass riff that made me think I was 17 (make that 18) at the Tivoli in Adelaide (where the carpet was always sticky and the glasses of moselle always over full) to a Nick Cave tribute song that was more paranoid than being at the Big Day Out with too many cookies (where Nick sang "The Weeping Song" and Iggy Pop got his cock out), The Narelles capture the tone and heart of live indie/alternative/not-shit-pop music between 1987 and now.

And they do it far better than any JJJ Top 100 count down.

All the stars in their eyes that never faded.

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