12 April 2015

MICF: Beau Heartbreaker

Beau Heartbreaker
Selina Jenkins
10 April 2015
Melbourne Town Hall, Backstage Room
to 19 April

Selina Jenkins as Beau Heartbreaker

Lots of new crushes this festival and guitar-playing, yarn-spinning Beau Heartbreaker is the newest.

I'd never say that a country farmer boy is my type, but Beau is just so gosh darn lovely that it's impossible not to adore him.

Under the impressive beard (he's confused that he can now walk down Brunswick Street and not feel out of place with his beard and a flannie shirt) is Selina Jenkins. Whereby drag can be used to humiliate the opposite sex, she uses the gender inversion with absolute love and lets Beau tell a greater truth that relates to everyone. And it lets him add an impressive and unexpected soprano to his songs.

Beau tells us about life on a dairy farm and his trip riding horses through Mongolia. It's on this trip that he realises that he has to tell his parents, who love him dearly, something so important, and unchangeable, about himself that he's scared that they might not love him any more.

Beau Heartbreaker's humour is gentle and subtle with a twist that grabs your heart as much as it makes you snort with laughter.

As many stars as seen from the middle of his dairy farm on a clear night.

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