13 April 2015

MICF: Innes Lloyd

Men of Your Dreams
Innes Lloyd
5 April 2015
The Grand Mecure Hotel, Downstairs Lounge
to 5 April

David Innes & Rob Lloyd

Innes Lloyd was the third producer of the Doctor Who in the 1960s. Google told me that as I was looking for the comedy festival page for this these two. No wonder David Innes and Rob Lloyd had to start working together.

But this show isn't about Doctor Who.

Men of Your Dreams is about dreams.

Those dreams we can't control.

These brothers have different sleep problems, which may be connected to when they lost their other brother when he was a young. They discuss sleep theory, list common dreams (I often get the dead people ones – and dead pets), and look at sleep in films like The Matrix and Nightmare on Elm Street, but the highlight is their re-enactment of audience member's night mares. And with subconsciouses giving us dinosaurs, a murdering father and exploding cars, it's cheaper than therapy and lots more fun.

While they were trying to squeeze too much into an hour, I really hope Men of Your Dreams comes back because there are endless dreams that need interpreting and endless people who want to know more about the bliss and horror of sleep.

I saw this on it's last night, but you can still see Rob Lloyd Vs The Monsters.

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