26 August 2011

Melbourne Fringe Launch

You have 19 days to see 230 shows.

Hayley Butcher and Telia Nevile at the Fringe Program Launch 
(pic courtesy Melbourne Fringe)

I think we should have a reality TV show that challenges contestants to see everything in a Fringe program.

I'd watch it.

The Melbourne Fringe program is launched. The guide's on the streets, the web page is live and the app is downloadable.

This year's feast of independent arts runs from 21 September to 9 October, which means that there's less than a month to choose what you're going to see or to get your show ready.

I haven't chosen my shows yet*, so suggestions are welcome.

*Except for FUGLY, cos I am beautiful and Who Mecos I'm a nerd.

FUGLY: Sixxters Grimm will make you beautiful, if it kills you.

Who, Me.  

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