25 August 2011

Melbourne Writers Festival opens today

The Melbourne Writers Festival opens today.

Join 400 writers from all over the world.

Talks, debates (who knows what will happen at QANDA live), screenings, workshops, the festival bookshop and a late night club.

If you love thearte and writing, I hope that you love reading. Reading is the one thing that can actually get me away from playing Angry Birds.

If you don't...PLEASE grab a book (I'm happy for it to be download) and remember what it's like to let your brain really get involved with the entertainment process.

If you're one of those writers who doesn't read (I know you exist because I keep meeting you), the best way that you can be a better writer is to read. Read books, scripts, newspapers, magazines, blogs, essays, poems, graphic novels and birthday cards. See how other people make letters into words and make those words fly.

And meet other word nerds at MWF.

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