31 August 2011

MELBOURNE FRINGE HINTS 3: Families are the Best Material

Families, we can run, but they'll always find us, especially if we run back to them or ask them to be in our Fringe show...

"Last year Kate broke up with her boyfriend and moved home to her Mum and Dad's." That's in the Fringe guide; I'm not gossiping.

In 2006, Melbourne fell in love with Kate when The Debutante Diaries won a whole heap of awards and made us want to wear white frilly frocks. In last Fringe's gorgeous Livin' The Dream, Kate broke away from fiction because her own life was as funny as her creations. This year we find out what happened when she had enough of living with her parents and ran to New York.

Bron Batten is best known as the co-creator of the super dooper Last Tuesday Society and her unforgettable animal impersonations.

So what do her parents think about their daughter who dresses up in a sleeping bag and pretends to be a whale?

To answer everything, Bron and her parents have devised this show and there's 27 years of material to explore. 

Bring your olds.

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