01 September 2011


"The best things in life are free" is  usually a crock, except during Fringe time.

The Melbourne Fringe program is filled with free performances. You can see some of the best stuff around and not have to spend a cent, unless you want a drink.

Fringe Club

14 nights of FREE entertainment in North Melbourne.

And every night seems rather brilliant including many SM favourites including Sister's Grimm's art-drag armageddon FUGLY!, Die Roten Punkte's Rock und Roll Circus, The Last Tuesday Society, and The Town Bikes Shut up and Dance...3!.

And a loud discussion about Arts Criticism

I have no idea who this company is, but it's compulsory that a Fringe festival has a piece by writer Neil LaBute. These guys are letting you see if for FREE in the Degraves Subway  (Melbourne's most under rated spot) and it's only 15 minutes.

Sounds like a perfect start to a night at the Fringe and too easy to get to by public transport.

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