22 September 2011

Even more FRINGE profiles

And here are some more  Melbourne Fringe artists, who had a chat with AussieTheatre.com.

Stephen House is based in my home town (Adelaide), but he's performed all over the world and wrote Appalling Behaviour while on the streets of Paris; the seedy and dangerous streets – addressing homelessness, this is far from a gay Paris romp. Stephen would love to work with Pedro Almodovar and has a fondness for the beautiful sadness in The Glass Menagerie, but he doesn't know what the TARDIS  – so no time travel for him!

Johannes Scherpenhuizen has brilliant taste in pizza (artichoke) and coffee (with chocolate) and is Finus Flume in the children's show Finius Flume and The Fabulous Fandangle FactoryI'm pretty sure that the reason I love theatre so much is because I saw it as a child. If you haven't taken children to the theatre, grab some and do it because watching kids watch a show is one of the easiest ways to remember just how magical and important stories are.

Sarah Hamilton knows how important stories are to our lives and has convinced me that I should try corn chips on a pizza. I last saw her perform in the beautiful Oasis Oasis in 2008. A Donkey and a Parrot  is a 300-year-old story that been passed down through her family. As a child she was gobsmacked by the tale of her French ancestor’s escape to England. As an adult she researched the story and revealed an even more delicious plot.

Still to come: Daniel Kilby, the Wau Wau Sisters, Spencer Bignell, Anna Lumb, Jonno Katz

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