28 September 2011

More FRINGE review previews


I haven't seen a dud Fringe show this year, but the three I've seen so far this week have been especially awesome. Just see them, except the one that's sold out.

The full reviews will be on AussieTheatre.com soon (when I've had some sleep and the keyboard doesn't look like a blur) and will be published here in a few days.

Bron, Jim and Linda Batten
and The Last Tuesday Society
28 September 2011
Studio 246, Brunswick
to 1 October 2011

I've seen some great shows this Fringe, but I haven't loved any quite as much as this and my heart is still grinning. There's only three chances left to see it. 

Jim and Linda have six children; one left their Warrnambool home to study contemporary dance and drama. 

 Jim and Linda love their daughter Bron. Melbourne's independent-cool-arty-farty-hipsters (and bloggers) love Bron's art. Jim and Linda like beautiful art that makes sense and doesn't have bad language. So what do they make of a daughter who understands post structuralism, danced a chicken abortion in an empty swimming pool and has spent a lot of time in a blue sleeping bag pretending to be a whale?

They perform this show together.

This for anyone whose parents don't understand what they do (yes Mum, I'm still doing some writing) and for parents who don't know why their artist children don't want a steady job.

But is is art?

Fuck* yes! 

(*Sorry Linda.)

Terrible Comfort and Barking Spider Visual Theatre
27 September 2011
Lithuanian Club, Son of Loft
to 8 October

When a narrator has a swirly red skirt that I covet and fur the exact purple that I've been trying to dye my hair, I know I'm in safe hands.

Robert Reid's story is full of pirate stereotypes that he's forced to walk the plank for being outdated and dull, and they've been replaced with a rollicking story that's simply the best pirate-seazombie-steampunk-robot-monster-ghost story ever.

The design is as lush as a posh opera's and the monsters are so gorgeous you'll want to take them home to cuddle. Sorry, I mean, that Lily and Mike are brave tough monsters who aren't at all cute and will leave me with nightmares.

Take your kids and your friend's kids and your friends.  This is theatre for children that lets children be smart and lets grown ups be kids.

I Know There's A Lot Of Noise Outside But You Have To Close Your Eyes
I'm Trying to Kiss You
26 September 2011
137 Greeves St, Fitzroy

The last show was tonight and they were sold out anyway.

So if you missed this one and all I can say is "Sucked in" and next time I'm Trying To Kiss You do a show, buy your tickets early because you don't want to miss theatre that's this  confronting, beautiful, and slightly scary.

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