12 September 2011

Review preview: Look Right Through Me

 Look Right Through Me
Malthouse Theatre and KAGE
9 September 2011
Merlyn Theatre, The Malthouse
to 18 September

"What lovelier hounour and influence could there be upon me than to see my work used in this way by an intelligent and prodigiously gifted new generation of artists. I think this is what's called a blessing."
Michael Leunig wrote this about physical theatre company KAGE's production of Look Right Through Me, a collaborative development between Leunig, Kate Denborough (director) and dancers Craig Bary, Fiona Cameron, Timothy Ohl, Cain Thompson, Gerard Van Dyck and, youngest member of the ensemble, Oscar Wilson.

The full review is on AussieTheatre.com and will be published here in a few days.

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