19 September 2011

More FRINGE profiles

Keep an eye on AussieTheatre.com for a week of Melbourne Fringe artist profiles. Including:

Miles O'Neil is one of The Suitcase Royale trio, who are another one of my absolute favourites.  I first encountered their junkyard theatre when they made an awesome monster out of stuff they found at the MIAF Kid's Club in 2005.  World Around Us was Miles's first solo show and was so unexpected and just so gorgeous. This year he's found some more films for World Around Us II.  He'd love to be in Tarantino's next Western and I can see it so clearly that it has to happen.

Musician Miranda Hill creates art with classical musicians who don't fit in and film makers. She says that Moving Scores is for anyone who is curious about experimental music and wants to make new art accessible, transparent and fun to a new audience. As she's addicted to Dr Who, would love to be at the first performance of The Rites of Spring and to have John Cage see her work, I'm convinced that it's a show worth seeing.

Jennifer Williams is Australian and living in Ieland, but that's not stopping her from doing a show. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are is a collaboration with Cathie Clinton (who's from Ireland, but living here) that combines live performance and video. She's organised it from her laptop, when she wasn't thinking about kissing the likes of Alan Rickman, Colin Firth and Viggo Mortensen; so she's got good taste. The show's on at Richmond, which means it will miss the spontaneous audiences of the hubs, but that's no excuse for us in the know to not see it.

Rob Lloyd is nerdier than me!  I only watch each new episode of Dr Who twice in the firs tweek, only have one theory about what's going to happen to River Song and don't own any Dalek toys. But Russell T Davies is my favourite TV writer and Seven Moffat is a pretty close second. And in 1982 I wrote "Adric lives" on my wooden school ruler. That was before I discovered Avon. And, yes Rob is still far nerdier than me.  Last Fringe, Rob and co-creator/director/uber-nerd Scott Gooding gave us A Study in Scarlet (A Study of) about Rob's obsession with Sherlock Holmes and how we long to be fictional people. Rob loves our Time Lord more!

PS. I really did think his Fringe pic was David T.

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