04 September 2011


Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening won a pile of Tony Awards in 2007 and the original cast recording has earned a regular place on my car CD player.

Using a once-banned German play from 1892 and juxtaposing a rock soundtrack from the angry and hurt hearts of its teenage characters, this show made stars of its cast (some of whom are now in Glee) and   is pushing Grease off its perch as favourite musical about teenagers.

This production is director Yvonne Virsik's first musical. Yvonne's direction brings out the subtext and emotional core of writing and she guides inexperienced performers to remarkable performances. As the story of Spring Awakening is in the book and the emotion is in the music, I think she'll bring something unexpected and new to musical direction.

You have to leave the Fringe zone and go to Monash Uni at Clayton to see this, but there's heaps of easy parking and a bus to the door.

Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death hasn't won anything yet, as this is its first run.

Inspired by screwball movies of the 1930s, it's described as a "new screwball rom-com cabaret musical about office romance at a financial services company obsessed by footy tipping".

With Spontaneous Broadway's John Thorn on the writing team, folk like Scott Brennan in the cast and Collette Mann doing the chorey, it's a good bet that it'll be worth getting to.

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