30 August 2011


Or: I fancy people who watch Dr Who and can spell

Mark Butler

Melbourne writer and fellow word nerd Narrelle M Harris told me that I have to see this show. She saw it during the comedy festival.

Without any details, I know that it's for me, because a misplaced apostrophe can ruin a relationship for me. I forgive typos and hurried tweets (and make many myself), but if you don't know the difference between its and it's, I have to wonder what other basics you don't know.

Who, Me
Vicious Fish
, Milke

I'm one of those very cool people who watches Dr Who*, so my not-so-inner-nerd can't wait to see what Rob Lloyd and Scott Gooding do with their Doctor obsessions; obsessions that make my love of our Time Lord seem like a vague interest.

These men were obsessed since they were teenagers. That's a long time before Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat re-created the series.  These are men who had VHS tapes of old episodes, bookshelves full of Dr Who paperbacks, can list companions in order of sexiness without having to think too hard and have favourite doctor outfits in their wardrobes.

They also create terrific theatre about their obsessions with popular culture and fictional charcters. Last year saw an exploration of Sherlock Homes in A Study in Scarlet (A Study of) and there was a re-imagining of The Goodies in A Record or an OBE with Shaolin Punk in 2007.

*  a Who tragic

Let's Kill Hitler is on the ABC this weekend!

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