27 January 2013

Chatting update

A popular read on AT is the A quick what with mini-interview.

But those bloody interwebs gremlins can make things disappear or hard to find, so here are some from the last couple of years. (If I've missed yours, let me know. It's not personal, it's brain slush.)

And yell out if want to do one.

The Suitcase Royale: Zombatland at Arts House
Jeremy Davies: From The Ground Up by Circus Oz
Bec Matthews: From The Ground Up by Circus Oz
Stevee Mills: From The Ground Up by Circus Oz
Luke Taylor: From The Ground Up by Circus Oz
Ania Reynolds: From The Ground Up by Circus Oz
Dale Woodbridge: From The Ground Up by Circus Oz

Fiona Macleod, Almost With You at La Mama
Xavier O’Shannessy, UnAustralia at La Mama
Ben GrantThe Shrink and Swell of Knots at La Mama
Shannon Woollard, Death of a Comedian at La Mama

Xavier Bouvier (Okidok), Slips Inside for Melbourne Festival
Young Jean LeeWe’re Gonna Die for Melbourne Festival
Daniel Crisp (Circa), Wunderacts for Melbourne Festival

Melissa Fergusson, PlaySix
Bridgette Burton, Play Six

Stephen House, Johannes Scherpenhuizen and Sarah Hamilton, 2011 Melbourne Fringe
Jonno Katz and Mel Dodge, 2011 Melbourne Fringe
Timothy Clark, Bron Battern, Ash Flanders and Kate McLennan, 2011 Melbourne Fringe
Miles O'Neil, Miranda Hill, Jennifer Williams and Robert Lloyd, 2011 Melbourne Fringe
Anna Lumb, Dan Kilby, Spencer Gignall and the Wau Wau Sisters, 2011 Melbourne Fringe

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