18 January 2013

More of Ash and Stephen on Midsumma

SM: Now that you've had a sold out Midsumma show (Psycho Beach Party) that even the vanilla critics loved, what are you going to do for the rest of the festival?

Stephen Nicolazzo

 Photo by Sarah Walker

"I'm going to sell my body to the highest bidder and get a tattoo branding me a "Sell Out" on the unmentionable (my inner thigh). That and start work on my next queer project. Am already in music selection mode. Think The Eurythmics meets motown meets Bauhaus. I also really want to see Here Lies HenryThe Dead OnesGaybies and Vieux CarrĂ©."

Ash Flanders

 Photo by Sarah Walker

"I'm going to take ALL the reviews and ALL the ticket stubs to Centrelink and shout out "SEE! I TOLD YOU!!!!!" I shall then snap my fingers in a Z-formation before tap-dancing outta there singing AIN'T NOTHING GONNA BREAK MY STRIDE by Unique II.

I shall then return the following day to see if I'm owed any back-pay."

Bonus pic

The men who inspired a lot of Ash's Negative Energy Inc at the Midsumma carnival. 
Photo nicked from Facebook.

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