19 January 2013

Midsumma quickies

Fag Boy and the Married Guy
La Mama, Tunks Productions
18 January 2013
La Mama
to 27 January

The oddest thing about Fag Boy and the Married Guy is that the plot is detailed in its program guide description (and the title does away with the need for the first few minutes of the show), so there are no surprises and no tension if you've read it. Maybe don't read the program guide if you want to see it.

La Mama, An Untitled Theatre Company
18 January 2013
La Mama
to 27 January

Meanwhile, also at La Mama, Cock isn't what its title suggests.

Written and devised with his cast (Hikaru Freeman, Daniel Kilby, Josh Dore, Richard Manzart, Grant Morrisey), Kevin McGreal's work is an experiment in form that uses the unique talents of his cast to look at questions about gay male culture from different perspectives. And, of course, it's not just about cock.

Using dance, song and monologue, some pieces work better than others and as a whole the work needs some shaping, but it's made from the hearts, frustrations and loves of its makers, which is why I haven't written any cock jokes. 

Turns out I do like sundried tomatoes
Geraldine Hickey
17 January – 9 February

I saw Geraldine's show in the comedy festival last year. It was terrific then and I expect it's even better now.

Here's my review.

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