15 January 2013

Ta-da: Oh Suivant

Oh Suivant
Arts Centre Melbourne, Explosive Media
15 January 2013
Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne
to 27 January

If you're looking for a terrific show for fussy audiences, Eliza (nearly 3) recommends Oh Suivant at the Arts Centre and demonstrates her performance-ready "ta-da" arms.

This two-person circus from Belgium melds trick, live music and theatre in a work that's created just for little ones, but enchants everyone and refuses to treat children as anything but the most intelligent and discerning audience around.

There was as many small as big people in today's 11 am audience and there wasn't anyone who wasn't having fun. 

Eliza's little brother (7 months) loved it as much as anyone and spent the hour bouncing so much that he was ready for a nap when it was photo time.

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