23 May 2013

May review previews

Flowerchildren: The Mamas and Papas Story
22 May 2013
The Comedy Theatre
to 16 June

Magnormos's 2011 premiere of Flowerchildren: The Mamas and Papas Story sold out at Theatre Works, got rave reviews (here's mine) and made it onto favourite and award's lists. It's since been developed and has opened its first professional season at The Comedy Theatre. If it doesn't sell out, get rave reviews and awards, there's something wrong with the system because it's as close to perfect as music theatre can be.

The story spans 1965 to 68, the years that The Mamas and The Papas, an American folk rock quartet,  recorded and performed as a group, sold millions of records and ensured their place in music history. The music, mostly written by John Phillips, is still as memorable today and epitomises the sound of hippy California.

The full review is on AussieTheatre.com and will be here in a few days.

And here's a bonus: Julie Andrews and Mama Cass!

One Man, Two Guvnors
MTC, Arts Centre Melbourne, National Theatre of Great Britain
21 May 2013
Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne
to 22 June

By the guffaws at the opening night of One Man, Two Guvnors, it's guaranteed to be a sold-out must-see. With a cast and script as tight as a mother-of-the-bride's girdle, low-class British farce doesn't get any classier.


The full review is on AussieTheatre.com and will be here in a few days.

Legally Blonde: The Musical
Howard Panter for the Ambassador Theatre Group & John Frost
11 May 2013
Princess Theatre
to September

Oh my god
Oh my god, you guys
I liked Legally Blonde
I was so surprised!
I really didn't think
it was going to be my kind of show
Oh My God!


The full review is on AussieTheatre.com and will be here in a few days

How I Learned to Drive
Mockingbird Theatre
3 May 2013
Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre
to 18 May

How I Learned to Drive won writer Paula Vogel the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1988. If you want to learn about American theatre, the list of Pulitzer winners is a fine place to start. This is a beautifully written work about a harrowing subject that finds a sympathy and forgiveness that's as uncomfortable as its subject. 

Director Chris Baldock's new independent company Mockingbird Theatre are continuing to bring famous contemporary scripts to audiences who already love the works and introducing some incredible writers to new audiences. Last year we saw The Laramie Project and can look forward to Equus and Kiss of the Spiderwoman later this year. 


Cavanagh's Uncle Peck is the character you can't take your attention away from. It would be easy to play him as a pervy creep. It would also be easier to watch. But Uncle Peck is a likable, ordinary man. We know his behaviour is despicable, but Cavanagh lets us into Peck's mind and the most disturbing part of this work is feeling sympathy for a man who we think deserves no sympathy. After his performance in The Joy of Text at La Mama earlier in the year (heaps better that the MTC version) and his ongoing work in making The Owl and the Pussycat a new favourite indie venue, 2013 is looking to be a terrific year for him.


The full review is on AussieTheatre.com and will be here in a few days.

This production is supporting Child Wise, Australia’s leading international child protection charity committed to the prevention and reduction of sexual abuse and exploitation of children around the world. 

True Minds
Melbourne Theatre Company
29 April 2013
The Sumner
to 8 June

I'll always see a new Joanna Murray-Smith play. She's one of Melbourne's most commercially successful playwrights and she writes terrific jokes about being middle class in Melbourne. Her latest, True Minds at the MTC,  is the theatrical equivalent of a black-and-white romcom that you're happy to watch every time it's repeated on the ABC because it's an easy giggle with some terrific performances.


Full review on AussieTheatre.com and will be here in a few days.

About Tommy
Red Stitch Actors Theatre
28 April 2013
Red Stitch Theatre
to 25 May

When the techie has to start the applause at the end of a show, you know it wasn't a good night. I missed the super supportive opening night of Red Stitch's About Tommy, so saw it with regular punters and it was one of those nights when something was missing.

Full review on AussieTheatre.com and will be here in a few days.

A Death in the Family
Ward Theatre Company
26 April 2013
Ward Theatre at Docklands Cotton Mills
to 25 May

I'd not heard of the Ward Theatre Company, but they sent me a snail mail invitation that had black butterflies on it, so I had to see them. If sending a cute invite was all it took me to see this show, let's hope that your reading of even this opening will make you see it.


Full review on  AussieTheatre.com and will be here in a few days

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