12 May 2013

Mini review: The Tall Man

The Tall Man
La Mama
5 May 2013
La Mama theatre
to 5 May 2013

I think Leticia Caceres is my new favourite director this year. After her gorgeous Constellations at the MTC earlier this year, she's directed Tall Man at La Mama, which sold out and I only managed to see it on its last day because of an extra performance.

She also had a stunner of a script to work with. Angela Betzien tells a heartfelt and honest story about an estranged family that reflects the environmental damage of open cut mines and the destruction of a mining town and society. She made the big picture personal and the result is beautiful and painful. I especially loved how she planted backstory and just let it sit without dominating the now of their tale.

And Hayden Spencer and Louise Brehmer as the too-damaged father and daughter were the perfect cast.

I'm sure we'll see this one again.

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