12 May 2013

Mini review: Dance of Death

Dance of Death
Malthouse Theatre
5 May 2013
Beckett Theatre
to 19 May

As Dance of Death was made by some of my favourite creators, I think it's best that I just say that I'm glad this wasn't my introduction to any of their work.

This work tries to show just how clever and smart its makers are. And it does; they are amazing creators and it's a fine looking show, but the story gets so lost in the being clever that there's nothing and no one to care about. What starts off as a fascinating angry style and tone doesn't change; the end is played from the start and the rest is stuck in a mid-ground that doesn't have the heart to pull us through the story or the distance to let us not want to care and just enjoy the spectacle.

As a well-read smart arse, I understood the cleverness and the reflection of Durrenmatt's reflection of Strinberg, but I wonder if it would make much sense without an understanding of the context.

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