31 May 2013

Flowerchildren: a Facebook status

Flowerchildren: The Mamas and Papas Story
30 May 2013
The Comedy Theatre

Last night Sarah Collins (Choir Girl) saw Flowerchildren. She went because she studied at Monash with its writer (Peter Fitzpatrick) and knows a member of the ensemble . This is what she wrote on Facebook when she got home:

"Casey Donovan singing "Dream a Little Dream" in Flowerchildren could be one of the most beautiful, rip-your-heart-out moments I have ever seen on stage. A genius casting choice, truly. I had no idea she could act as well as she could sing. She is the real deal, holy smokes. I hope this musical keeps on going until it reaches Broadway. So much potential, so many spine tingles.

For that moment it's worth it – the other cast are incredible, too. I guess I just wasn't expecting to be blown away by an Idol contestant. Justin (Kennedy, Donna and Damo) and I came home and went through their entire back catalogue on YouTube can now see even better just how well the others nailed their performances and the costuming was so true to life. Mostly I'm just glad there's something local on that isn't about a sporting legend."

She also said that last night's audience was intimate, but some still gave it a standing ovation.

Melbourne. Please see this show. It's so much better than the commercial photocopies of American musicals that we get, and Sarah and I are not the only people who think it should make it to Broadway.

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