20 November 2013

November review previews

Super Discount
Back to Back Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre
15 November
Merlyn Theatre, Coopers Malthouse
to 1 December

Back to Back Theatre are the superheroes of Melbourne theatre who leave us wanting to wear our undies on the outside, don a sexy cape and do something that leaves someone else feeling better every day.

 Super Discount began because ensemble member Brian Tilley is obsessed with superheroes: those outsiders who hide from society and are only admired when their difference is on display.  


The full review is on AussieTheatre.com and will be here in a few days.

Summertime in the Garden of Eden
Sisters Grimm and Theatre Works
10 November 2013
Theatre Works
to 16 November (and then to GriffinTheatre in Sydney)

Last year, the Sisters Grimm put on a show in a backyard shed in Thornbury. They pushed the crap aside and brought in some op shop curtains and folding chairs. It was nigh on impossible to get one of those seats and Melbourne was split into those who saw Summertime in the Garden of Eden and those who did not.

But – praise be – Summertime's deep south has returned to Melbourne's inner south and there might be some tickets left for the Theatre Works season, but get in quick because ticket sales prove that missing it isn't an option, unless you go to Sydney for the Griffin season


I loved the backyard chooks and VB fridge of the shed show, but all little Sisters grow up to discard their training bras and dance in a bigger world. Summertime in the Garden of Eden is as shocking and hilarious as any of their earlier works, but they've transformed their atrocious aesthetic into something exquisite. 

The full review is on AussieTheatre.com and will be published here in  few days.

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