21 November 2013

Photos: Die Walküre

The Melbourne Ring Cycle
Die Walküre
Opera Australia
State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne

Jud Arthur as Hunding, Miriam Gordon-Stewart as Sieglinde & Stuart Skelton as Siegmund.
The Ring Cycle continues with opera two, Die Walküre, opening in Melbourne last night. 

This is the one where it's totally ok for brother and sister to fall in love with each other and introduces the famous Valkeries, who rescue the souls of heroes and take them to Valhalla to be with the gods. And it's the first appearance of Brünnhilde, sung by English soprano Susan Bullock, who sings high Cs like she's blowing a kiss.

If you don't have tickets, but want to hand out with the "Ring Nuts" from all over the world, there's the FREE Festspielhaus in the Arts Centre courtyard. There's a bar and an entertainment program featuring Ring performers and Melbourne favourites.

All photos by Jeff Busby.

Terje Stensvold as Wotan & Jacqueline Dark as Fricka.
Terje Stensvold as Wotan & Susan Bullock as Brünnhilde.
Susan Bullock as Brünnhilde, Stuart Skelton as Siegmund & Miriam Gordon-Stewart as Sieglinde.
The Valkyries: Elizabeth Campbell as Grimgerde, Roxanne Hislop as Rossweisse, Dominica Matthews as Schwertleite, Sian Pendry as Siegrune, Hyeseoung Kwon as Helmwige, Deborah Humble as Waltraute, Anke Höppner as Gerhilde & Merlyn Quaife as Ortlinde. 
Susan Bullock as Brünnhilde & Terje Stensvold as Wotan. 

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