19 November 2013

Photos: Das Rheingold

The Melbourne Ring Cycle
Das Rheingold
Opera Australia
State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne

Lorina Gore, Dominica Matthews & Jane Ede as The Rhinemaidens & the Sea of Humanity
After three years of work, gossip and a bit of controversy, Opera Australia's Melbourne Ring Cycle opened last night with the first of the four operas, Das Rheingold.

I was among the very lucky people to see all four dress rehearsals, which were not for review. And what a week  it was: 21 hours of either seeing or talking about opera in the five hours of intervals. I loved every moment of it and am looking forward to hearing what others think as the first cycle rolls out this week.

All I will say is that the opening of Das Rheingold is exquisite.

In the meantime, photos have been released.

Great news for those who missed out on tickets. There are rush tickets available, details here.

Or there are plenty of shows, exhibitions, talks, tours, concerts and dinners as part of The Ring Festival if you miss out again or your eyes drop out at the cost. The also festival includes lots of FREE events, so everyone can get a dose of opera.

But here are some photos. All by Jeff Busby.

Warwick Fyfe as Alberich, Lorina Gore, Jane Ede & Dominica Matthews as The Rhinemaidens & the Sea of Humanity
Jacqueline Dark as Fricka, Hyeseoung Kwon as Freia, Jud Arthur as Fafner, Terje Stensvold as Wotan & Daniel Sumegi as Fasolt.
Jud Arthur as Fafner & Daniel Sumegi as Fasolt. 
Richard Berkeley-Steele as Loge & Terje Stensvold as Wotan. 
Warwick Fyfe as Alberich.
Graeme Macfarlane as Mime, Warwick Fyfe as Alberich & Opera Australia Chorus and volunteers. 
Warwick Fyfe as Alberich & Opera Australia dancers.
Warwick Fyfe as Alberich, Richard Berkeley-Steele as Loge & Opera Australia Chorus and volunteers.
Jud Arthur as Fafner, Andrew Moran as Donner, Hyeseoung Kwon as Freia, Andrew Brunsdon as Froh & Richard Berkeley-Steele as Loge. 
Deborah Humble as Erda.

Andrew Moran as Donner, Hyeseoung Kwon as Freia, Jacqueline Dark as Fricka, Andrew Brunsdon as Froh & Rainbow Girls. 

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