30 November 2013

Playtime rocks

This is a Door 13
Pop Up Playground
29 November to 1 December
Theatre Works

Go outside and play!

Well, go to Theatre Works this weekend and play!

The Pop up Playgrounders are the most brilliant people you'll ever meet, who have one goal: to ensure that everyone has fun.

And they succeed every time. 

And you might get to be a Valkyrie (I was an excellent Valkyrie) or a spy (I was a really crap spy), or talk about an impossible book, or escape from a minotaur, or throw things at famous people.

Or there's lego poetry or cutting up paintings to make better paintings, if you need a quiet moment.

There are day and night sessions, so there's no excuse to not take kids, grandparents or strangers you meet on the way.

Here are some pics from last night (taken by Sayraphim and Rob).

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