04 April 2014

MICF: Andrew Finegan

Andrew Finegan sings Songs from the End of the World
1 April 2014
The Butterfly Club
to 16 April 2014

Andrew Finegan is a librarian. A song-writing, ukulele-playing, apocalypse-obsessed, young-adult-literature-reading, cabaret-performing librarian. And that rocks!

At the ever-gorgeous Butterfly Club he sings his Songs about the End of World including a Pachelbel-inspired rap about Noah, the North Koren hit "Pyongyang style", a ukulele ditty about bacteria, a song that tells The Hunger Games from go to spoiler-filled end (which is fine because you won't know what he's on about if you don't know it anyway) and a Twilight horror moment.

As a new performer on the scene, he needs to work on his stage character and up his performance fitness, but none of it took away from the originality and authenticity of his work. With science, history and Harry Potter songs, his mix is nerd-perfect and unique and I'm looking forward to see what he does next.

I also wrote about this at AussieTheatre.com.

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