04 April 2014

MICF: Kate Mclennan

The Duck's Nuts
Kate McLennan
1 April 2014
Melbourne Town Hall, Lunch Room
to 20 April 2014

Kate McLennan in a fluffy yellow duck suit. What's not to love!

Kate's back doing stand up this year after selling out a hotel room with Wes Snelling last year. I like the idea of her alternating a stand up show with a scripted one – and a year of no new stories about Pockets is about as much as we can take.

Pockets is Kate's dad. Along with her mum, sister and niece, he's been a part of Kate's stand up since the beginning and her friends and fans adore him as much as they do Kate.

Kate's 34 this year and she doesn't have a Thermomix or a baby, which means awkward questions and quiet judging if she cooks for her friends. The Duck's Nuts is about her ducks not lining up in neat rows, but still getting drunk, spewing and not checking the oil in a car that's worth less than a Thermomix. 

She nails mid-30s angst with the hilarious glee it deserves and, don't worry Kate, I'm 45 and I don't have a Thermomix.

I also wrote about this on AussieTheatre.com

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