24 April 2014

Review: Petrasexual

Petra Elliott
18 April 2014
Ka Do
last night 25 April
Facebook event page

There's only one chance left to see Petra Elliott's solo cabaret show at the super-cute Ka Do warehouse in Richmond.

By calling her show Petrasexual, it'd be disappointing if it weren't about discovering, redefining and accepting her own sexuality. Which it is, but it's also much more.

Once from Canberra, Petra's best known in Melbourne for the Splendid Chap's podcast and the many regulars at the Chap's live recordings know that she's as splendid as the best of them; her singing "I"m going to spend my Christmas with a Dalek" being a holiday highlight for everyone who saw or heard it.

Starting with her own experiences, this show's a reflection on how and why sex and sexuality are the source of some our greatest achievements and joys, and of our greatest disappointments, fears and shame. 

With memorable original material and that's-how-you-do-it covers, it's about Petra finding how her personal stories fit in with everyone else's – and how hard it is to slide off a piano when you're wearing a girdle. There's frustration and anger – seriously, when do we have to stop singing about victim blaming, no meaning no, and equal love – but it's sing-along joy comes from the surge of comfort and confidence as she realised that there's nothing wrong with how Petra is sexual. 

It's ultimately a celebration of being yourself and learning to reject the negativity and guilt about sex. And a reminder to kick ourselves if we find ourselves judging or blaming others for being themselves.

It's also a celebration of being yourself as a performer and not trying to fit into what's expected or what's been done before. Throw in an onstage rapport with pianist Adam Rudegeair and bass player Oscar Neyland that's so genuine that it feels like they're not performing and it's a night that's so worth discovering Ka Do for.

Ka Do is tucked away in Cremorne Street in Richmond. It's an easy walk from Richmond station and there's a car park near by. With a 1970s meets hipster decor, it's a gallery space, bar and performance venue that's welcoming and establishing itself as a new home for independent cabaret.

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