18 April 2019

MICF: Nerds are Sexy – PickUp

Nerds are Sexy
The Butterfly Club
14 April 2019
The Butterfly Club
to 21 April


Nerds are Sexy. Derr!

What's not hot about someone who enthusiastically shares their passion and is prepared to really know – really know – how to do something really well.

Rock's also sexy.

And the combination of both can be too much!

Alia Vryens and Colin Craig have no shame in being nerds. Nor in being positive and enthusiastic about sexuality and about having sex. Last year, their first full-length show was about their polyamorous relationship and welcomed questions from the audience. They've since toured to festivals and host and curate the semi-regular Funny Music Mondays at The Butterfly Club, where Melbourne's best cabaret artists try out new work or simply let loose and be funny.

There's no wrong way to nerd. If you play games on tables or online with many stranger, love cosplay, can explain D&D or have watched every episode of Dr Who (and read all the books, listed to the audio series and judge your friends based on their opinion of Russell T Davies), you'll be with your tribe – and maybe get the chance to talk about your own glorious obsessions.

They also rock with songs about the likes of pinball, getting dumped by your Dragon Age boyfriend, and why women's armour doesn't cover their boobs.  And if you think it's all about Colin and his guitar, you haven't seen Alia with her ukulele.

But don't worry if you're not a nerd. Come on, who are you kidding? You're reading a nerdy theatre blog. You're one of us.

PickUp are creating a wonderful on-stage relationship as they decide which one of them is really sexier and smarter. I'm looking forward to seeing how their stage story develops and grows, especially as they are beginning to find a loyal audience who are going to obsessively love them a bit too much.

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