13 April 2019

MICF: Too Much – Eve Ellenbogen

Too Much
Eve Ellenbogen
Enter Closer and Crowded
11 April 2019
Crowded in the Vaults: Pilgrim Bar
to 21 April

Eve Ellenbogen

Even Ellenbogen moved from New York to Melbourne in 2015. She's still noticing how being Jewish in Melbourne is different from being Jewish in New York, but knows that referencing The Nanny sit com will bring most audiences up to speed if they've never had a bagel from Glicks.

She was a Raw Comedy state finalist in 2016 and 2017 and she's often told that being herself is Too Much. Fuck that. If you can't make noise and be honest by your mid-30s, what's the point?

She grew up loving Disney princess films but sees them with a far more critical eye now, especially as she's now as ancient as the mid-30s Wicked Queen in Snow White. Those films are weird and still contribute to girls aspiring to be skinny, quiet princesses for their men. It's easy to be critical of such boring and dated ideals, but Eve also knows that she still defaults to wanting male approval. She's working on it. She's still enjoying Tinder, but she's working on her need for approval.

There are times when it feels like she's pushing the point about how people can't take jokes about sex and women, until she reveals some of the reasons she's determined to make that point. She's still finding the sweet spot between her on-stage character and self and working on linking her stories into her bigger story. But that only comes as you keep doing shows and I think we'll be hearing a lot more from Eve in the near future. I'll sure be there.

And she's performing in my new favourite MICF venue – Pilgrim Bar on Federation Wharf. Head down to the river on the Federation Square side of Princes Bridge. There's great food and drink, the best view of the river, and the shows are in an underground vault that feels like being in a round brick bunker waiting for the bombs to fall.

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