20 April 2019

MICF: Patrick Collins Mime Consultant

Patrick Collins Mime Consultant
Enter Closer and Crowded
19 April 2019
Tasma Terrace
to 21 April

Patrick Collins

When I hear the word "mime", I smile politely and try to scrub out the memory of Marcel Marceau's Bip trapped in an invisible box that you can't put a blanket over to calm him down.

I don't know why I do this because mime is the best. Mime shows are ones where I have been blown away by the original approach to old ways of telling stories and laughed so much that I'm genuinely embarrassed (Trygve Wakenshaw). And at the blurry end of the comedy festival, Patrick Collins did the same.

Patrick wears a shirt and tie because he's off to the office where he's a mime consultant. He knows mime IS important and that there are mime emergencies and run-of-the-mill questions that need answering every day. And, of course, mime artists can talk and interact and get out of their invisible boxes.

Sitting on his office chair leaves the audience grateful for the-most-uncomfortable-chairs-in-any-festival-venue but what takes his mix of stand-up and sketch it to a Golden-Gibbo-award-nomination level is story and character. Fortnite dancing is so much better with a story about teenage boys and the best belly flop ever would just be "do-that-again!" if it didn't happen on a cruise.

Throw in magic, erotica and some things that really happened to Patrick and this mime consultation lets us see the invisible from a new perspective.

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