10 October 2011


The Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards were announced on Saturday night. Congratulations to everyone.

Professional Development Awards

Best Emerging Circus Performer, Supported by ACAPTA
Tilly Cobham-Hervey, Freefall

Tour Ready Award, supported by Adelaide Fringe
Uta Uber Kool Ya

Best Emerging Producer, suppoted by Auspicious Arts Award
 Erin Voth from The American Astronaut

Outstanding Comedy Show Award, supported by Brisbane Powerhouse
 Me Pregnant!

Innovation in Theatre Award, supported by Brisbane Powerhouse.

Original New Circus, supported by Circux Oz Award
No Such Thing as Normal

Outstanding Indigenous Artist Award, supported by the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts
Vicki Kousins from Re: appropriate

Melbourne cabaret Festival Award for Excellence in Cabaret
The Unexpected Variety Show

Best Experimental Performance Award, supported by PACT Centre for Emerging Artists
Sweet Child of Mine

Best Original Australian Work, in Memoriam of Caz Howard, supported by Theatreworks
 The Waiting Place

Best Emerging writer, supported by Victorian Writers Centre Award, in association with the Melbourne Theatre Company
 Dan Giovannoni, Amelia Evans and Paige Rattray for Cut Snake

Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice, supported by Kultour.
In Fact, This Crease in Your Trouser is Good My Friend

Category Awards

Best Circus

Best Cabaret:
Pirate Rhapsody, Mermaid Requiem

Best Comedy
 Lawrence Mooney in An Indecisive Bag of Donuts

Best Dance
Proximate Edifice

Best live Art
A Window in Mime

Best Music
Musical Thoughts for a Darkened Room
No Place Like Home

Best Performance
After All This

Best Venue

Best Visual Arts
Rendered Bones

People’s Choice Award
Mercedes Benz…Awkwardly

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