08 October 2011

FRINGE review:Things I Learned in High School

The Things I Learned in High School
Daniel Kilby with Trevor Jones
5 October 2011
Long Play
to 8 October

I was late for Daniel's show (damn you daylight savings), but running down the corridor I heard a lot of laughing and a song about fucking. Apparently, it's what everything is all about.

So I knew I was going to like it.

Daniel made it through catholic high school as the only gay boy (that he knew of), but getting through a music conservatorium education when he was into show tunes and art songs was another challenge altogether, even when he vipped out his Wagner. 

But it took a few more years to kill those damn self-doubt vampires – thank you [title of show] –  and realise that he so has a story to tell, that the best way to tell it is through slightly obscure show tunes and by believing people are going to want to hear it.

Like the best, Daniel has the help of a great pianist and he opens up his heart to tell some tales that he'd rarely shared.  Good stories need truth and it's in those moments of honesty that performers and audiences bond. When storytellers are brave, we see how meaningless our superficial differences are. Who hasn't decided in seconds that the cutie we've said hi to is our happily-ever-after, and we all did things in year 10 that we didn't tell our families ... until our solo cabaret shows.

The Things I Learned in High School is on at Longplay in North Fitzroy until Saturday. Forget the Fringe hub for a night, grab a drink and a meal and share your love of song (and fucking) with Daniel.

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