14 October 2011

MIAF review previews 3

Today I saw Site Unseen and Whiteley's Incredible Blue.

Incredible Blue is selling out, but some extra shows have been added. It's stunning. It's incredible. I'd have happily stayed and watched the 10pm show as well. Barry Dickins's writing means nothing and everything, with a poetry as addictive as the heroin that Brett Whitely could never leave. And I'm now a little bit in love with Neil Pigot. His performance is with me forever.

I'm writing a more substantial response to Site Unseen, but I'm letting it sit for a day or so because it is difficult to write a negative response to a show where the critical response is causing real distress to the people who helped create it. In the meantime, I love this video from the Site Unseen website, and there's a response from the creative contributors in today's Age that's worth reading. Shame it's not in the online version.

But I understand Cameron's anger. I left angry.

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